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O.W.L’s – Readathon

I love a readathon for motivating me through some of my tbr’s.

For April Book Roast over on Youtube is hosting a Harry Potter themed readathon O.W.L’s. It runs April 2nd to April 29th, with prompts for each of the 12 Hogwarts subjects. Of course you will be graded on your performance just like the students of Hogwarts.

Pass grades are: Outstanding (sit and pass 5 or more OWL’s), Exceeds expectations (sit and pass at least 3 OWL’s), and Acceptable (sit and pass 2 OWL’s).

Failing grades are: Poor (sit only 1 OWL), Dreadful (start but not complete an OWL), Troll (fail to turn up for OWL examination).

My plan is to try and get all of my OWL’s. Hermione would be proud! So here is my TBR:

It’s an optimistic list, but you got to shoot for the moon.

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