Where did I go?

May to March is a long time, even longer in blog years, especially when you have a baby blog just starting up. I know this, so where did I go?

First we were given an eviction notice in December 2017. At Christmas no less, and the reason? We had started a complaint to the council about the ill repair and lack of upkeep from our landlord. May 2018 was when we finally found the house, our house and started the buying process. At the end of June we were packing, moving, and unpacking.

Second? I went off my meds. This was not great, not planned, and the result of stress, my anxiety, a doctor who told me the only reason I was asking for help was to get benefits (plot twist – I am ineligible/none qualifying anyway), and coming very close to a breakdown (which I managed to very successfully hide from everyone).

Thirdly, without my meds I am easily distracted and unfocused (hi there severe ADHD). With moving, someone leaving at work (longer hours and more money, yay, less me time, not so much), and getting to real life meet my book babe girl gang (YALC and a girls week) had me fully booked and totally checked out.

Lastly the husband had a heart attack. He spent a week in ICU, and we are 4 weeks from the incident as I type.

Now. I’m with a new doctor (one who has taken action on my ADHD/ASD/anxiety/dysthymia report), back on my meds, scheduling my family time, balancing work, family, and social in a more harmonious and less destructive manner, and most importantly putting my mental and physical health first.

I’m feeling, not better, but more me, settled, stable, and ready. What I trying to say is Thank you, bear with me, get ready, let’s do this!


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