Shadowscent: The Darkest Blooming

A world where scent and religion are entwined, where perfumes and poisons are intricately woven through every aspect of life.

This book had me right from the start. I wanted to know Rakel and her life, about her fathers illness, how she was trying to find a way to pay for his treatment and further her own goals.

I wanted to know who Ash was, how he became The Shield, his past, and what he was hiding.

The world building was beautifully done, the characters weren’t just one note they were a whole symphony.

While it is the first book in a series, it doesn’t feel incomplete. The cliffhanger is more of a teaser for upcoming events in book 2 than an unsatisfying end.

Most tellingly, I want more. More Rakel, more Ash, I want to discover Kips life, her past, her ambitions, I want to know how Prince Nisai’s life and reign turn out.

Who was Rakel’s mother? How did she die? What was the Scent Keeper hiding from her? And why the terrifying giant butterflies?

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