A Good Girls Guide to Murder

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of A Good Girls Guide to Murder the first day of YALC 2018. On the Saturday I was halfway through and told Holly how much I was enjoying it, Sunday I told her my theory to #FindAndie. Because did I mention that part of the insanely brilliant and delightfully evil campaign was to rip out the last few chapters!

Pippa is a super smart student with her focus on her education. For her Extended Project Qualification Pippa can propose any topic. She decides on the missing person case of Andie Bell and the subsequent suicide of Sal Singh, the allegedly guilty boyfriend, that shook the small village of Little Kilton 5 years previously.

The reason? Pip doesn’t think Sal was guilty. As she digs into the crime that consumed the town and left a family hated, Pip uncovers more secrets about the case, which might not be as open and shut as it seemed. In her attempts to question those closest to the case, Pippa convinces Rav, Sal’s younger brother to help her unravel the tangled web surrounding Andie’s disappearance and Sals death.

Pippa was a fantastic character; nerdy, driven, focused, and determined, fiercely loving and loyal to her friends and family. Once Pippa sets her mind to a task she is relentless. The layout of story, Pippa’s notes and reports, text messages and social media is beautifully done. It really brings you along Pippa’s thought process with her, leading you to make the same conclusions and assumptions that she does. Every time I thought I knew what was happening I was wrong. All I wanted to do was #FindAndie

I spent the next couple of months shamelessly stalking and harassing Egmont for the missing chapters because I had to know.

After receiving the missing chapters: I was partially right! But I did NOT see the twist coming. Holly Jackson is firmly at the top of my new favourites and I preordered the final version for the May 2nd 2019 release date.

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