The Treatment

At the beginning of February I was looking forward to going to an event at Waterstones Piccadilly store with my friends and meeting Karen McManus. Then, the day before, my husband had a cardiac incident and landed in ICU. After 2 days of hospital visits, talking to doctors, and waiting for him to come round I escaped to the event. Not only did I get a much needed break and time with my friends, I did meet Karen McManus and Cally Taylor!

The Treatment is the story of Drew Taylor, a 16 year old girl who lives with her mother, stepdad, and brother Mason. When Mason’s disruptive behaviour gets him expelled form school, Drew is relieved that their stepdad Tony persuades their mother to send him to the Residential Reform Academy.

Drew’s mind is changed when Dr Cobey, a stranger who claims to be from The Academy, follows her with a message from Mason. A message about the ‘treatment’ that he is having and how it changes those who go through it.

To help her brother Drew goes undercover at The Academy and expose the secrets that scared her brother and sent a stranger to her for help.

The treatment was a fantastic read combining mystery, brainwashing and conspiracy theories. I loved that Drew had some connections to try and unravel the mystery, and that not all her plans went well, to plan. She tries to research and work her way out of the problem, even doing the one thing that most book teenager don’t – tell her parents, who don’t believe her, leaving her to take matters into her own hands. I enjoyed the interaction of Drew and her peers, both in school and at the academy.

The ending was a little rushed, and maybe too neat. Overall I enjoyed The Treatment and would definitely read more by Cally Taylor.

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  1. I hope you are taking care of yourself at this challenging time, this event must have been a space to breathe.
    Hope your husband is on the mend xx

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