Magical Readathon 2019

Last year Book Roast created and hosted month long Magical Readathons for the Harry Potter inspired O.W.L’s in April and N.E.W.T’s in August. 

This year they have evolved to full career option study plans, including a whole booklet of careers and requirements for both O.W.L and N.E.W.T results, with vaccines for readers of all speeds and goals.

You can select your O.W.L subjects or your dream job first, or you can do what I have planned, which is aim for all the O.W.L’s and decide later. 

For April’s O.W.L readathon its a sweet 1 book per subject/prompt and this time around I may even stick to my TBR.

Ancient RunesRetellingA Curse so Dark and Lonely, Brigid Kemmerer
ArithmancyA book with one or more authorsProud, compiled by Juno Dawson
Astronomy“Star” in the titleA Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, Yaba Badoe
Care of Magical CreaturesLand animal on the coverGobbolino the Witch’s Cat, Ursula Moray Williams
CharmsAge line: read an adult workThe Dollmaker, Nina Allan
Defence Against the Dark ArtsReducto: title starts with “R”Reflection, Elizabeth Lim
DivinationSet in the futureCinder, Marissa Meyer
HerbologyPlant on the coverCirce, Madeline Miller
History of MagicPublished at least 10 years agoThe Game of Kings, The Lymond Chronicles , Dorothy Dunnet
Muggle StudiesContemporaryOpposite of Always, Justin A. Reynolds
PotionsNext ingredient: a sequelLady Smoke, Laura Sebastian
TransfigurationSprayed edges or red coverTwisted, Steve Cavanagh


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