One of Us is Lying

June 2017 and the theme for book box club was Schoolroom Scandals featuring Karen McManus One of Us is Lying. Billed as Pretty Little Liars meets The Breakfast Club. 5 students walk into detention but only 4 walk out, everyone is a suspect, everyone has a secret. This murder mystery didn’t disappoint.

Like The Breakfast Club we have the brain: Yale bound Bronwyn who never breaks rules. The beauty: homecoming queen Addy. The criminal: Nate who is on probation for drug dealing. The athlete: baseball all star Cooper. And the outcast, creator of school wide gossip app Simon. The story itself is told from each point of view throughout the chapters.

Thrown together in a Monday afternoon detention, they have nothing in common. Until Simon dies, and the investigation shows that it was no accident. With Simons app set to release the secrets each of the others were keeping, who killed him?

I know that a lot of people, myself included worked out who did it early on but that didn’t feel like it detracted from the story because there was still a motive to discover and honestly I thought you were supposed to work out who it was a focus on the why.

While the characters start of as 1 dimensional tropes, you see them develop and grow throughout the story, like a tongue in cheek people are more than they appear at first glance.

Some points I struggled with are the slut shaming of a girl who cheats once vs her boyfriend who has a whole other relationship going on, the way that other relationship was used as a “dirty secret” at the same time putting the only LGBT character in the role of cheater who uses and hurts people, and the way mental illness was portrayed.

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