Proud – Juno Dawson

Proud is a compilation of own voice poems, stories and art from incredible LGBTQ+ authors and artists that covers a range of topics that face the community. Self discovery, coming out, rights and equality, love, discrimination, and existing in a heteronormative society.

The range of styles and voices mean there really is something for everyone.

Proud is everything I needed deep in my soul. It told me I was home, I was accepted, that the me I am is the me I should be. Each of the stories and poems were so beautiful.

I hate Darcy Pemberly. A modern lesbian pride and prejudice, the first time I’ve really felt connected to that story.

The Phoenix’s fault. Showing the pressure of traditions and how love is equal and should be treated as such.

The courage of dragons. A D&D group who use their skills in a school revolution of non binary and inclusion.

Penguins. Oh penguins. I remember the story in the news of the gay penguins and how they wanted a family of their own. As if coming out wasn’t hard enough without penguins getting there first.

Love poems to the city. Marriage equality, is the sanctity of marriage too sacred for everyone when those who have it desecrate it so?

Honestly I can not praise this enough. I read it in a couple of hours. I want everyone to read it, it needs to be in schools, in libraries, in homes, everywhere.

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