Two Can Keep a Secret

When Ellery and Ezra’s mother Sadie is sent to rehab, the twins are sent to stay with their grandmother in Echo Ridge, the small town their mother grew up in. The town that Ellery knows all about, despite having never visited.

Growing up the twins mother rarely spoke about her own twin, Sarah who went missing in Echo Ridge. Five years ago the town hit the headlines when homecoming queen Lacey was found dead at the Murderland theme park five years ago. While the killer was never caught, her boyfriend Declan (the only suspect) was driven out of town.

The story is told from alternate points of Ellery and Malcolm, the younger brother of Declan, with their stories intertwine as they get to know each other. When Ellery makes the homecoming court, threats to the girls and a disappearance prove a link between the murder and Sarah. The problem is the threats start at the same time Declan shows up, putting both he and Malcolm in the hot seat. As Ellery and Malcolm investigate they uncover more secrets than they bargained for.

I suspected almost everyone at some point and loved the reveal at the end. Two Can Keep a Secret was for me a far better story than One of Us is Lying, and the representation was greatly improved.

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