Opposite of always – Justin A. Reynolds

Jack King is in love with his best friend Jillian, but Jillian is their other best friend Franny’s girlfriend. A college tour party might be his chance to tell her. At least until Jack meets Kate.

Jack and Kate are an adorable couple but Jack struggles to balance Kate and the other aspects of his life. Especially when it’s clear that Kate is hiding something. Kate’s secret comes out when she goes awol on prom night, Jack eventually finds out she is in hospital. Just as it gets better to the worse possible outcome, Jack wakes up at the college tour party where he meets Kate. Again and again.

Each time Jack tries to save Kate, help Jillian, and salvage a relationship for Franny and his father. With every new attempt Jack tries new schemes, each time he fails someone. But in the end the person he was supposed to save was himself.

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