Bookish adventures in London

Last week was the London book event for the final book in Katherine Arden’s Winternight trilogy, which of course my book besties; careful of books, books and lemon squash, the becca fowell, and I were looking forward to.

How beautiful are these?

My 9 year old, Tiny Satan, a book dragon in training, always gets excited and a little jealous when I go to book events – even when I get his books signed too! – so having received Katherine’s first middle grade book Small Spaces for Bookmas could there be a better first ever book event to take him to?

First stop Waterstones Piccadilly, 5 fantastic stores of every genre imaginable, 2 cafes, and a bar, the look on his face as he whispered wow, looking around like Charlie Bucket in the chocolate factory was phenomenal. After a quick shop, a cake break, and another lap, Tiny Satan already had a great start on the haul, 2 books (The Pug who wanted to be a Unicorn, and Atticus Claw Breaks the Law), a lego movie 2 mini set, and a couple of mystery mini figures, and it was on to stop two.

Forbidden Planet. Honestly I though he had his mind blown at Waterstones, but here it went again! He did a little pre scout for his birthday wish list (for a trip next week) and came out with more treats. Before hitting the charity and second hand book stores we drooled at the window of Doughtnut time and treats were acquired for later. A quick ice cream stop – Book Aunties say it isn’t a treat day without treats and we were off. Another book added to the haul (A Puppy Called Hugo) and we were headed for Soho.

Almost time

Tired as he was, Tiny Satan curled up next to me and listened intently to Katherine and Anna. When we queued up for the signing he excitedly asked Anna James to sign his book and the very first page of his autograph book. Then he got to thank Katherine for how much he enjoyed small spaces and asked her to sign his autograph book – thanks to Vermont bookshop his copy of small spaces was already personalised.

Hugs all round, a bath bomb selected – Lush studios really do spoil you and off to the train home.

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