Book box club – March

The theme for the March book box was Dream Teams. Which is super perfect because through book box I met my very own dream team of super buddies, super buddies who are the most amazing humans to have ever humaned.

Featuring dream teams from the Shadowhunter series, The Raven Cycle, The Grishaverse, and Baker Streets own Holmes and Watson. Not forgetting the dream team of all the bookish ones, with an Unashamedly Bookish keyring.

The book for March is Stolen Time by Danielle Rollins. “Who are you going to call when your city has turned into a dystopian nightmare overtaken by earthquakes and floods? How about a kick-ass team of young adults plucked from history and primed for a rescue mission?! In the opening instalment of this explosive new trilogy, a teen dream team hop through time, space and the diaries of a perplexed professor. Can they solve the mystery of time travel and undo the fate of their doomed city?”

I can’t wait to buddy read with my girls next week!

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