The Dollmaker

The doll maker and collector Andrew Garvie, creates beautiful dolls, a calling he discovered after a childhood interest in dolls. When he answers a personal ad at the back of a collectors magazine he begins a pen pal friendship with Bramber Winters, fellow doll enthusiast.
With each letter Bramber reveals more of herself, her residence Bodmin Moor institution, her past, and the circumstances that put her there.

With each letter Andrew falls further into the friendship until a year later when Andrew decides to rescue Bramber. A plan he doesn’t share with Bramber. While Andrew makes his way to her, they continue to write to each other.

As Andrew travels through small towns and villages on his journey to Bodmin, he reads a book of fairytales written by the unusual doll maker and story teller Ewa Chaplin, who Bramber hopes to write a book about. Between the stories of both Andrew and Bramber, the fairytales are woven, and we see them reflected and repeated in the experiences of both.

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