My first Illumicrate

Adventure awaits…

How could I resist?

Adventure arrived

I am, a tiny bit, obsessed with swords and sword fighting, so all this gloriousness was so right for me.

First the book, Once & Future, a spec fantasy starring a teenage girl who just happens to be the 42nd reincarnation of King Arthur. And those sprayed edges!

Next up are the perfectly colour coordinating Mistborn socks. An Excalibur water bottle, keep hydrated or you’ll never make it through the book. Where do you put your drink? On a mug rug inspired by The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue of course. A two piece Raven Cycle notebook set for making all those review notes – or hoarding along with all your other pretty notebooks. Finally, in tribute to a legendary food filled, jewellery obsessed adventure, I mean battle riddled, friendship fuelled, fantasy adventure Lord of the Rings is not 1 but 2 pins! The door to Bag End and the Eye of Sauron.

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