Murder and Mayhem – Owlcrate

Murder? Yes. Mayhem? Yes. Murder and Mayhem? Hell yes!

Item number 1, a gorgeous ceramic travel mug for The Red Church assassin on the go. Words of wisdom from Nevernight, Never flinch, never fear, never forget. Skulls, poison, and daggers abound on a gorgeous canvas drawstring bag. A woodmark inspired by the most murdered family, Game of Thrones Starks. A candle, 1 of 3 designed for this theme, inspired by This Savage Song, I got Corsai – black cherry and lime, delish! A sticker illustration of Three Dark Crowns rounds out the treats.

The final items are all entwined. The book, with its owl crate exclusive red cover, Four Dead Queen, which I have been anticipating. “When a talented thief steals a highly important package from an honest messenger, they are thrust into a heart-pounding conspiracy. They discover that someone has been murdering the four queens that rule over their lands, and they are desperate to find out who the culprit is.”

Lastly its the pin of the month. A stunning compass that represents the quadrants of Four Dead Queens.

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