Pyjamarama is a mass-participation fundraising initiative by BookTrust in England and Northern Ireland where children (and hopefully adults!) will pay £1 to wear their Pyjamas for a day whilst celebrating the bedtime story though a host of fun activities.

Pyjamarama is happening on Friday June 7th 2019, but they will be celebrating bedtime stories from Monday 3rd. I am having my own Pyjamarama right here! Any donations can be made directly to BookTrust

There will be games, there will be pyjama selfies, there will be prizes. But most importantly there will be reading. I will be hosting it here (naturally) combined with twitter and Instagram (#tdbpyjamarama) and may even be persuaded to do a video of my favourite bedtime story.

Check out BookTrust on their website, and on twitter. I hope you join me.

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