Pre order swag

What makes you preorder a book?

Is it getting a guaranteed release day copy? Or like me is it so you don’t miss any of the books you saw and lose track of?

Or is it The Swag.

Pre order swag is still pretty new to me, as is being organised enough to preorder, and honestly it is mind-blowingly generous as a huge amount is organised and sent out by the authors.

Joan He sent the most incredible swag for Descendant of the Crane. Gorgeous character art and have you seen the rose gold bookmark? Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it.


For Bex Hogan’s Viper, it was a whole set of bookmarks for each of the 6 isles. Each of which features a map and description. As someone who adores maps and visual aids this is a super fun and practical use treat.


The Priory of the Orange Tree‘s magnificent beauty is complimented by the signed poster art.


M.L. Wang’s swag for The Sword of Kaigen held such fabulous imagery, character art postcards, stickers, bookmarks, and a letter.


And last, but by no means least, is the amazing Switchback swag from Danika Stone. Featuring a signed bookplate and postcard, sticky notes, a bookmark, a second postcard, and a tote!


Thank you all, for giving us not only phenomial books, but also these wonderful treats to spoil us.




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