Oh My Gods

Teenager Helen is the half mortal daughter of Zeus, who has been living in Derby (?) with Grandma Thomas since her mum died. But now she is moving back to London and in with her father Zeus and some of her godly relations.

There are some rules

Rule 1) Gods must not reveal their immortal identity unless there are extraordinary circumstances

Rule 2) Gods must not use their powers to meddle in the lives of mortals

Any missteps and the Mount Olympus Council will put them in trial. Punishment could mean exiling them to Mount Olympus or strip them of their powers and immortality.

Moving mid year Helen juggles school, new friends, and hiding her family secret. But the gods find it hard to keep their talents hidden even when it means risking exposure.

A forbidden party, blackmail, ambition, fame, and a boy who makes Helen neglect her friends all come to a head when the romance distracted Zeus regains his focus.

Throw in an old enemy of Zeus’ and a plot for revenge and it’s almost impossible to not get caught out.

Can they fight their way through and come out on top and as a family?

I really enjoyed Oh my gods. It was a fun read and a great story.

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