The Furies

Suffering from survivors guilt after the car accident that killed her father and younger sister, and living with her emotionally distant mother, Violet is given an opportunity to study her A levels at the prestigious girls school Elm Hollow.

Shy and unsure of herself Violet hopes to find the friendships she has always struggled to and she does. Drawn to Robin, Grace and Alex who are struggling with their own loss. The missing Emily, previous best friend to Robin. Emily was last seen on the cliffs, the well known suicide point in the sleepy seaside town.

At school Violet catches the attention of the enigmatic art teacher Annabel, who holds a secret class for 4 select students. Sessions for discussing art, mythology, the history of Elm Hollow and the founder Ms Boucher, who was burnt for witchcraft at the wych elm in the school grounds.

Mystery and witchcraft, peer pressure and revenge. The furies shows what happens when toxic relationships meet the desire to fit in.

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