Last Sunday I went to the CHCCYAFest in Chadwell Heath.

Of course being an obsessively early person, I was an hour early, and was absolutely forced to sit reading in the sunshine – Tragic right?

The first panel World Collide covered books where real life and the mystical, magical and mythological worlds entwine.


Yaba Badoe spoke about the sister magic of 3 girls around the world all born as dusk comes in. A time known as Wolf Light (also the title of her book). The girls become custodians of their respective homes, protecting their heritage, the environment, and connecting with each other.

Alexandra Sheppard’s debut Oh My Gods is the story of Helen Thomas the half mortal daughter of Zeus. Following the death of her mother Helen has been living with her grandmother, now that she is getting older it is harder for her to look after Helen and she moves back to London and in with her godly family. Between moving school, making friends, a cute boy, and keeping her family’s secret, which will be the hardest struggle?

In Kim Curran’s Slay series boy band Slay rock the world by day and hunt demons by night. What better cover for travelling the world and how better to fund it? Demon possession rising, a plot to raise Tezcatlipoca the Aztec god of death and darkness, and a world tour. It more than lives up to its premise of Supernatural meets One Direction.

b000dec5-61a5-416a-b40d-8357cafac8c1Panel 2 Debuts, the different journeys to get published and the books of Kate Mallinder, Sarah Ann Juckes, and Gabriel Dylan.

Kate Mallinder’s The Summer of No Regrets is the story of 4 friends who pledge to make their summer regret free.

In Sarah Ann Juckes’ Outside Ele has been kept in the room by the man as long as she can remember. But she knows the outside is real and she’s going to prove it.

Students enjoying school ski trip in a small mountain town get snowed in. Only to discover the towns secret is a bigger problem than the storm when they start disappearing. Whiteout by Gabriel Dylan promises to be a gripping read.

Next up is a conversation with Laura Croyton, who I heard speak on International Women’s day.


LOL YA with Chloe Seager and Simon James Green was fantastic fun. Tales of Chloe and Simons teen years in London suburbs or rural towns and how they shaped and reflected in those of Emma and Noah.

Art with Alice. Alice Oseman spoke about her art and influences in this class to round off the day.

I missed the quiz (but my loves and their team won!) and went home exhausted from an amazing day.

I can’t wait until next year!

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