Oh My Gods

Alexandra Sheppard’s debut Oh My Gods is the story of Helen Thomas the half mortal daughter of Zeus. Following the death of her mother Helen has been living with her grandmother, now that she is getting older it is harder for her to look after Helen and she moves back to London and in with her godly family.

Her father Zeus is living as a history professor, half sister Aphrodite is a make up artist who launches a beauty YouTube channel, half brother Apollo is the famous DJ Sunny who struggles to keep his music from bewitching mortals, and Eros, Aphrodite’s son and Helen’s nephew, the chilled out traveller and relationship guru .

Helen struggles to fit into her family, as the only mixed race and half mortal member, and her school, moving mid year and making new friends.

As Zeus gets distracted, he isn’t there to reign in the Gods fully embrace and embody their personas,

Helen finds herself the parent in a household of self indulgent immortal children. Trying to keep them from being discovered and on top of her homework doesn’t get any easier when Helen meets a boy. Will Helen be able to juggle her social life and keep a lid on the family secret or will she find herself in a godly mess?

Oh my Gods is fun and funny. I loved the roles the gods found to fit them and how they just can’t help but need to be worshipped. The relationships of Helen and her family, her friends, and her love interest are well written and relatable.

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