The Colorado Kid – illustrated edition

On an island off the coast of Maine, a man is found dead. There’s no identification on the body. Only the dogged work of a pair of local newspapermen and a graduate student in forensics turns up any clues, and it’s more than a year before the man is identified.

And that’s just the beginning of the mystery. Because the more they learn about the man and the baffling circumstances of his death, the less they understand. Was it an impossible crime? Or something stranger still…

Stephen King books formed a lot of my teenage reading. When I heard that there was a new series start on the sci fi channel, based on a story he wrote I had to watch it. So began Haven. While it is based on the story of The Colorado Kid, Haven is not much like it. For a start Audrey is not an FBI agent, or called Audrey. Instead Stephanie is an intern at the newspaper with Vince and Dave (who are not brothers). There is no love triangle, like Audrey, Duke and Nathan do not exist in The Colorado Kid.

The dead body on the beach however does exist.

And it is the tale of this body that Vince and Dave pass on to Stephanie in the newspaper office. While they draw Stephanie into the mystery, we are pulled in too, all the while finding unexplainable circumstances and missing objects.

I really enjoyed The Colorado Kid. Even though the mystery remains it feels natural. Not everything is resolved and that’s true to life. We all have those niggling riddles.

The chapter illustrations are beautiful and I adore the old pulp fiction style.

Thank you to Titan books for providing me with an advanced copy. The Colorado Kid is returns (after over a decade) in July 2nd 2019

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