Bedtime Stories

Today’s theme for my Pyjamarama warm up is comfort. What is your go to comfort read for bedtime? Is there a particular book or author that gives you the warm and fuzzies?

I’m a mood reader. My TBR plans are always loose and generally ignored even in readathons. My bedtime read is either my current read or an old favourite, last night was Heartstopper by Alice Oseman.

On the subject of comfort, what is your literary happy place? The series you always go back to?

Tiny Satan feels happy when we read The Large Family books. Each one is a quick, fun read, that always makes us laugh. Some nights we cuddle and read them all!

Teen Beast will be found at Camp Half Blood. He, like so many of us, takes comfort where the traits that are so often seen as weakness are actually strengths.

Me? It’s always the Discworld. It was my first love and it feels like home. Whether you’re a Rincewind or a Weatherwax, a Sam Vimes or a Captain Carrot, everyone is in there somewhere.

Do you have a favourite spot to read in? Although I will read any and everywhere, my favourite place is my reading room. When we moved last year there was a room, that I laid claim to, and it turned into my reading room (and craft cave).

The cuddle sofa is where we can snuggle, or nap, or escape to any world within pages.

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