Best day ever! A.K.A Pyjamarama

Today is Pyjamarama party and selfie day.

Food and books are two of my favourite things. So I love some fictional festivities.

If you could have any fictional food or drink what would it be? What fiction party would you crash?

Tiny Satan would buy everything off the trolley and have stay at Hogwarts for Xmas. Which is great considering I throw a Hogwarts feast for Halloween and make all the Honeydukes inspired treats.

Teen Beast loves a chilled out barbecue, he picks any meal at Camp Half Blood, but would prefer a quest homecoming.

It’s the Discworld for me. Hogwatch at Nanny Ogg’s with scrumble for all. I’ll give the dwarves for bread a miss, but join in The Hedgehog Song with gusto.

Throughout the evening we are going to enjoy some of the Pyjamarama games and if you tag your selfies with #tdbpyjamarama there will be a prize draw for a Percy Jackson inspired orange and black lap blanket and a sparkly white and lilac book sleeve made by me with bookish love and hardly any swearing.

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