The War in The Dark

The War in The Dark has the quote “James Bond meets Indiana Jones” across the top. And I don’t think that does it justice. It’s so much more. An old spy thriller with a supernatural twist, set against the Cold War in locations across the world.

Christopher Winter, British Intelligence agent finds his friend and colleague dead, follows a message to europe and discovers deeper mysteries than traded secrets and traitors.

An operation ends up with him smack in the middle of an occult ritual in an unusual building, his own blur faces reflection tells him “we are the Half-Claimed Man”.

Karina, a woman with her own mission and mystery rescues Winter but only to make him a PoW. The senior Russian officer is unable to read him or to find anything within his mind using his own powers. Waiting to be traded back to the British government, winter is exchanged for a demon, released from its prison by Her Majesty’s exorcist. The demon, the widow of Kursk greets Christopher by name. Except that name is Tobias.

Christopher’s task becomes entwines with Karina’s and they fight to complete her life’s work, to find out what the Half-Claimed Man is, who Tobias is, and who is trying to help what rule the world.

I loved The War in The Dark. I was caught up in the story from the outset. Spies, history, supernaturals, mystery, intrigue – a smorgasbord of reasons to read The War in The Dark.

The sequel The Spider Dance is released July 16th 2019 in the UK and September 3rd US.

I am very lucky to have been sent a review copy of The Spider Dance by Titan books and am taking part in the blog tour later this month.

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