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I was tagged by Delly who blogs at Dellybird

I guess weirdness is a relative concept and what weird is to you might just be someone else’s normal

I never really thought I was weird, I just knew I didn’t fit the way other people wanted or expected me to.

This tag is a few of the ways I’m my own normal.

1. I wanted to be a funeral director when I was 6 until I hit about 9 and realised I would also have to deal with living people.

2. Sneezing. What could be weird about sneezing you ask? Well let me tell you. I have hayfever and I’m a tiny bit of a control freak. Sneezing is a loss of control, so it makes me angry and I swear. Which results in a bizarre demonic growl swear as I spasm and look like I’m being exorcised.

3. I am affectionate in odd ways. I hate hugs, they make me feel uncomfortable. But will I give you a boob squeeze and tell honk? Absolutely!

4. My hair. An ever changing rainbow of colour. Some would find that weird in itself, to me its weird because it conflicts with what can sometimes be a dark place in my brain.

5. My look vs my personality. I am often told I look harsh or scary. I am tattoos and piercings and resting Murder face. Until you find out I’m an oversized toddler of mayhem, mischief and sweetness.

6. Despite that sweetness, I will strike down with righteous fury and vengeful anger if someone hurts those I love. Featuring glitter, giant cardboard dicks, or the eat a bag of dick postal services (as seen online, if you need them).

7. I collect hobbies. I knit, crochet, dance, meditate, write, practise yoga, play games… My ADHD and eternal curiosity are never sated.

8. I’m a morning person. A very early does all the things before people are up morning person. I’m also an afternoon, evening, nighttime hyperactive nightmare.

9. I author stalk, in a completely non creepy way. I will show up and support all the authors I love, I will tweet, text and yell about events people should go to, I will absolutely express my love and thanks for their art. NOTE: not please leave me alone restraining order type of stalking.

10. I found my tribe late. Only in December 2017. A year after my first book box club (Jan 17, Ink) I finally fought my anxiety to attend the book chat. That book chat changed my life. I met the most amazing group of people and they became my tribe, my girl gang, my sisters from other misters.

My tribe

Now that I’ve written this, I’m not sure about tagging people, given my disconnect with it as a term. But let your freak flag fly and tell me your stories.

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