A Shroud of Leaves

Archaeologist Sage Westfield has her first forensics case: investigating the death of a teenage girl. Hidden by holly leaves, the girl’s body has been discovered on the grounds of a stately home, where another teenage girl went missing twenty years ago – but her body was never found.With mysterious links between the two disappearances, the police suspect the reclusive owner, Alistair Chorleigh, who was questioned twenty years ago but never charged. But when Sage investigates a nearby burial mound – and uncovers rumours of an ancient curse – she discovers the story of Edwin Masters, his friend Peter Chorleigh, and an excavation over a hundred years ago, that also ended in a mysterious disappearance. Still recovering from the traumatic events of her recent past, Sage will need both her modern forensic skills and her historical archaeological knowledge to unearth the devastating truth.

Titan Books

A Shroud of Leaves is the second Sage Westfield book, following A Baby’s Bones. Sage is struggling to balance the aspects of her life, baby Max, Nick, and her potential career in forensics in her first case. She is also suffering PTSD following the events of A Baby’s Bones which puts further strain on her relationship.

As we follow Sage and the investigation of the new body and how it may be tied to an eerily similar incident of twenty years before, we also follow Edwin and his excavation of the burial mounds. Based at the same location the stories start somewhat reversed, the current day with a disappearance and the tale of 1913 with an arrival. Both have a mystery that draws you in, are the two case tied together and how do the fit with the historical one? All three cases are resolved but can Sage solve the problem of her future too?

Rebecca Alexander is and incredible writer, two in one is always a treat! I hope to hear more about Sage Westfield and her investigations.

A Shroud of Leaves is available July 9th 2019 through Titan Books. A Baby’s Bones, where the story of Sage begins was released by Titan Books in May 2018.

I would like to thank Titan Books for providing me with a review copy of A Shroud of Leaves in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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