Let’s call it a Doomsday

Ellis is preparing for the apocalypse. Not The apocalypse, just any form of it. But her family don’t appreciate it. Everyone gets anxious Ellis.

But Ellis isn’t anxious. She has anxiety. And oh my god did I feel every ounce of Ellis’ anxiety

She meets Hannah at their therapists office and they become friends. Hannah tells Ellis she dreams how the world will end and they try to decipher the dreams together.

Between searching for Prophet Dan, working out the meaning of the dreams, and trying to warn the community of an impending doomsday, Ellis is also working out her sexuality and how it fits in with her faith.

When Ellis spirals and uses the school tannoy to tell the whole school the end is nigh her parents decide to send her to Utah for Christmas ahead of them. Ellis goes to Hannah only to find out that she has been lying to her.

However once in Utah Ellis sees Hannah’s dreams are coming true and runs not away but back so they can face the end together.

Let’s call it a Doomsday is a fantastic tale of friendships, family, and faith, and how they cope with differences in mental health and sexuality.

I was sent a copy of Let’s call it a Doomsday by HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

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