Invisible Blood

Invisible Blood is a collection of 17 never before seen crime stories compiled by Maxim Jakubowski.

All the Signs and Wonders – Denise Mina. Claire grew up hard. Now she has killed a man and she won’t say why.

The Washing – Christopher Fowler. Linda and her husband Miguel move to Spain, the washing tell the tale of her neighbours María.

Blood Lines – Stella Duffy. Pain, blood, and guilt.

Smile – Lee Child. Cameras in Heathrow airport watch as Jack Reacher works.

Fallen Woman – Mary Hoffman. A haunting by a woman in white.

Blood on the Galway Shore – Ken Bruen. Death, loss and revenge

#MeToo – Lauren Henderson. How long can you stand by and watching the casting couch claim victims? What would move you to help?

The Lifeguard – James Grady. The banker owns the town and everyone in it. But some people yearn for freedom.

The Ghost of Willamsburg – Jason Starr. Ghosting an internet date can have consequences.

Black Dog – Cathi Unsworth. Hellhounds and hauntings in hills.

Virginia Racer – Bill Beverly. How life changes after a bank robbery.

The Bell – Lave Tidhar. There’s nothing like a mother’s love.

Borrowed Time – R. J. Ellory. A promise to return to a Paris bookshop.

In The Belly of the Beast – Johana Gustawsson. A police interview is more than it seems.

In Advance of Death – A. K. Benedict. A writer receives a story of a life. Her life.

Yesterdays – John Harvey. The daughter of an old friend asks Charlie Resnick for help

Connecting the Dots – Jeffery Deaver. Evidence at the scene of the crime always leads to the killer. Doesn’t it?

Each story is a delicious bite sized mystery. Perfect for pool side lounging, or travelling around. I enjoyed them all. Like a buffet of crime I devoured Invisible Blood, and now have more favourites to looks out for!

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