A week to recover

Things I did not expect to need: a week to recover from YALC.

That’s it, that’s the list. I had an amazing time with incredible people. We won some competitions, we waved at Jason Momoa everyday, I turned into uwu when I meet John Barrowman. But it was also hugely exhausting.

So let’s talk about the fun.

Teen Beast and I started a day early at the PreYALC Forbidden Planet signing, he got the Artemis Fowl collection signed by Eion Colfer and so did I (for Tiny Satan), and I planned ahead by getting The Everlasting Rose and the first 2 Namsara books signed by Dhonielle Clayton and Kristen Ciccarelli. We arrived back to see that everyone had finally won their travel battles to get there safely.

And so it began. Friday was a whirlwind of activity, one of the busiest days for me as I had planned on my spending then. We entered raffles and photo shoots and met all the wonderful bookish people as we wandered the hall. Tiny Satan, not one to be left out by being at home, had asked for Heartstopper vol 1 & 2 which we got signed and Alice Oseman doodled a Nick for him! Teen Beast visited Camp Half Blood. We saw some fabulous cosplay, a pretty shiny Kaylee, Bulbasaur, a long standing favourite Yzma, and a stabby Arya Stark.

Saturday is always the most hectic day, it’s the one most people come to and it was the day for my John Barrowman photo. Highlights were telling Victoria Schwab that Teen Beast has brought her books for my birthday (so much love in the photo), more incredible cosplay ( I got detention for being excited to meet Boggart Snape), childhood role models the Sanderson sisters and the Evil Queen, Juno Dawson (who I had spent the last 3 days telling Teen Beast was amazing, he agrees), Malorie Blackman loves my booksleeve (bookbestiesUK) and wants one because it’s so perfectly matched to her Noughts and Crosses series, fun photos and did I mention JOHN BARROWMAN!!

Finally Sunday, a more slow paced day as energy levels depleted. It’s sign photo day, some more fun photos and Natasha Ngan shocked by the size of the arc of The Girls of Shadow and Storm. Then it was time to say goodbye and head home.

Until next year YALC. Except that on the Monday I found out that I was one of the five lucky winners of A Heart So Fierce and Broken.

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