Turning Darkness Into Light

Audrey Camherst has a lot to live up to, famous parents and grandparents, particularly her grandmother Lady Trent.

Deciphering the Draconean tablets that Lord Glenleigh has acquired is the perfect place to start. Lord Glenleigh puts on the pressure of a big reveal date right from the beginning. He wants to publish the findings in time for the vote on The Draconean rights and the sanctuary. At first Audrey thinks this is to capitalise on increasing market prices for Draconean artefacts, however the more they translate the more shadow is cast over the discovery. Can Audrey and her team mates, Cora the niece of Lord Glenleigh and Kudshayn a Draconean priest and old friend, solve the riddle of the tablets before it causes a political problem?

Turning Darkness Into Light is the story of Audrey Camherst, granddaughter of the famous dragon naturist Lady Isabella Trent. It takes place at the same time as the Lady Trent memoirs are being written and does reference backstory and events from the series. That said you don’t have to read them to read and enjoy Turning darkness into light, you have to read them because they are incredible. Audrey is as strong and fearless as her beloved and admired grandmama often using the mantra what would grandmama do. As always Marie Brennan’s world building and characters are phenomenal. There are family dynamics, friendship, betrayals and political conflict, all overlapping and enriching the unfolding epic on the tablets. I can not wait to see what Audrey takes on next.

Turning Darkness Into Light is released on August 20th through Titan Books and there is a signing event to celebrate at London’s Forbidden Planet 6-7pm.

Marie Brennan can be found at swan tower and on twitter.

Thank you to Titan Books for sending me a review copy of Turning Darkness Into Light, as always all opinions are my own.

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