X-men Days of Future Past. Marvel novels.

The X-men have always been a favourite of mine. Saturday morning cartoons and comic books, it was all about the X-men for me. When it came time to snag an X-men novel you better believe I was all over that.

The Days of future past storyline is from issues 141-142 of The uncanny X-men. Set on Earth-811 in the early 2000’s. Most mutants have been killed, the remaining are in a mutant containment camp or hiding out as best they can. In order to prevent these dystopian days ruled by Sentinels and watching loved ones die the remaining X-men form a plan. Sending the consciousness of Kitty Pryde back into her 13 year old self back in 1980 to prevent the Brotherhood assassinations that kickstart the Sentinel presence.

Rather than changing the plot to showcase bigger selling characters, the novel is beautifully written and true to the original story. A perfect pocket sized read that I enjoyed as much as the first time I read the comics. And sadly is still appropriate today in a society that still rounds up and contains people.

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