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Cal is a father grieving for his wife, lost to a mysterious case of rabies. As winter approaches, he must find out how
she died, and protect his pups from a town that would turn them out into the cold.
Cal is a mutt with a violent past, one that he can’t seem to leave behind. As he races to find out the truth, before
paranoia destroys his family, he is drawn towards a criminal empire, a ferocious gang of rats, weasels and stoats –
murderers all.
Because the woodland community is fraying at the seams as rumours of infection and sickness spread like wildfire.
Anyone could be rabid. Anyone could turn violent at a moment’s notice. And the local trader who should be
bringing much needed supplies to the community has vanished. With a long, hungry winter ahead, and the great
brown bear asleep on the mountainside, can the town overcome its fears before it destroys itself?

Ragged, Christopher Irvin

Cal has a great life now in the Woods with his wife Winifred and their two pups Gus and Franklin. Far from the Fells and the past.

Until he loses Winfred to the mysterious sickness that has their neighbours terrified of infection and attack.

Now Cal must protect his family and neighbours while confronting his past.

Did I mention the Woods are actual woods? And that Cal is a dog? This gripping tale takes draws you into a very familiar hysteria and uncertainty of a disease they don’t understand.

Ragged combines all the whimsy of your favourite childhood shows and the adorable animals with the intense drama and mystery of the latest binge show while holding a mirror to the pandemic panic of reality.

Christopher Irvin’s Ragged was released by Titan Book on Tuesday 19th April 2022,and I absolutely implore you pick up a copy and spend an afternoon in the Woods with Cal, just be careful to avoid infection. Follow Christopher Irvin on twitter, and instagram, and keep up with other news here.

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