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Nettle and Bone

Marra is the third daughter of the King and Queen of a small kingdom caught in the constant threat of invasion from the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. She sees her eldest sister marry a prince and unite them with a powerful ally and protector.

Except mere months later her sister is returned home, dead. No longer bound and protected by a larger kingdom, the second sister is soon married to her sisters widowed Prince. But not all Princes are Charming.

Sent off to a convent, Marra sees her sister only a few times over the years, but this is enough. She knows that what she has to do.

Kill the Prince.

Marra seeks out the dust wife, a grave yard tender who speaks to the dead, for help. To gain what she needs to kill the Prince she must first complete three impossible tasks.

Nettle and Bone has all the elements of the perfect fairy tale, a Princess, a dust wife, a fairy godmother, a knight in shining armour (ok, a disgraced former knight), and a chicken.

I was so excited to be given the chance to review T. Kingfisher’s Nettle and Bone – thanks to Titan Books, and complete my own impossible tasks. Beautifully written, flawed and lovable characters, and adventure, Nettle and Bone is a delight to read. Putting it down is harder than catching moonlight in a clay pot.

Complete three impossible tasks, kill a prince, curse a kingdom

Nettle and Bone is released April 26th 2022, from Titan Books. T. Kingfisher can be found at Red Wombat Studio and on twitter

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