Are you ready to go back to St Aidans?

After the experiences of the last year at St Aidans, Greer is no longer a lonely outsider. She has her best friend Nel (Chanel) and Shafeen, her boyfriend. And this time they are the Medievals. The events of the previous term seem to be behind them until they realise that the Stags of St Aidans are of the Dark Order variety.

Greer should be focused on her Probitiones, particularly as she is directing the drama class in a play she has yet to choose, but she sees Henry everywhere. Distracted by the de Walencourt twins Cassandra and Louis, and the first scholarship student to attend S.T.A.G.S, Ty Morgan, Greer soon finds some focus when the first act of a presumably destroyed play by Ben Jonson is delivered to her room.

When our trio hear that Cass and Loius have invited Ty to the traditional Justitium huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ weekend her they wonder if the sins of the family those of the twins? But the Dark Order of the Great Stag are the only ones with secrets.

D.O.G.S is a fantastic sequel, exploring not just the new relationships of Greer, Nel, and Shafeen. but the ancient traditions of S.T.A.G.S and a secret society. Greer becomes more complex showing her struggle to balance having a relationship, exams and auditions, her guilt for Henry, and for Ty. Nel is a force to be reckoned with embracing her Savage technology in combination with her Medieval title, Shafeen is focused and driven and conflicted as he supports Greer but wants to move forward from the weekend the bonded them all. The depth of the characters against the greater plot and secret society make me eager for more.

M. A. Bennett can be found on twitter and Instagram. Books 1-4 of the S.T.A.G.S series are already available from Hot Key Books, H.A.W.K.S is to be released July 7th 202

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