The Box Blog Tour

Your daughter is missing. You’ve been accused of a terrible crime. How can you save her if everyone believes you’re a murderer? The Box holds the answers … if you live long enough to find them

The Box, Dan Malakin

Of course the minute I read that I knew I needed this book. Thanks to Angana and Viper Books I got my wish along with being part of the blog tour.

Ed Truman is a solicitor who finds his daughter, and subsequently his whole family targeted by an alt right men’s activist group – Men Together. As the smear campaign picks up speed, Ed’s daughter Ally is missing. Now Ed is focused on finding Ally and putting a stop to this war on the family. Which is easier said than done when the whole country thinks you are a sexual predator and murderer and DCI Jackie Rose has a task force on your tail.

As Ed sees hes life and family falling further and further apart, he knows that finding Ally will glue it all back together. Then he meets Phoenix. A friend of Ally, who claims to know where Ally is and why she is missing. It because of The Box.

The characters, the family dynamic, the interaction between awkward teen and father, the spouses frustrations, the mystery of Phoenix. All of this had me feeling for them. I loved them, hated them, wanted them to succeed. Dan Malakin writes fantastically flawed people not just the hero you root for. The story is fast paced without feeling rushed. You get those moments of history and backstory but you don’t lose get off track. Most of all you get drawn in, you stay up late, you run to work because you just had to finish it and now you are, in every sense, running late. Add The Box to your TBR, add Dan Malakin to your list of faves, and get ready to run.

Again, thank you to Viper Books for sending me a copy of The Box to review, and letting me be part of the book tour. The Box is released on Thursday 16th June 2022 which gives you time to book the day off and get you spot in the sunshine.

Dan Malakin can be found at, and on twitter and in the bookshop of your choosing.

The Accomplice

Everyone has the same questions about best friends Owen and Luna: What binds them together so tightly? Why weren’t they ever a couple? And why do people around them keep turning up dead?

Owen Mann is charming, privileged and chronically dissatisfied, Luna grey is secretive, cautious and pragmatic. Despite their differences, they begin forming a bond the moment the meet in college. Their names soon become indivisible – Owen and Luna, Luna and Owen – and stay that way even after an unexplained death rocks their social circle.

Years later, they’re still friends when Luna finds Owen’s wife brutally murdered. The police investigation sheds some light on long-hidden secrets, but it can’t penetrate the wall of mystery that surrounds Owen. to get to the heart of what happened and why, Luna has to dig up the one secret she’s spent her whole life burying.

The Accomplice, Lisa Lutz

Long after college Luna and Owens friendship continues. They even live in the same town. But when Luna finds the body of Owen’s we are thrown into 2 mysterious deaths. Alternating the current day murder with the mystery of the past. As Luna delves into her big secret she uncovers those of the people she knows, after all, everyone has something to hide.

The Accomplice was just what I needed to break the slump. With a sunny Sunday, snacks and a comfy chair I was in. There was no way I could put this down, not when every chapter brought as many questions as it did answers. Grab a copy and get your answers in the end!

The Accomplice is released by Titan Book on Thursday 14th April 2022, if you need a plan for the Easter weekend. Lisa Lutz books, appearances and information can be found here, on twitter, facebook and goodreads.

The Retreat

Katie Manning was a beloved child star until her mid-teens when her manager attacked and permanently scarred her face, effectively ending her career and sending her on a path of all-too-familiar post-Hollywood self-destruction.

Now twenty-seven, Katie wants a better answer to those click bait “Where Are They Now?” articles that float around online. An answer she hopes to find when her brother’s to-good-to-be-true fiancée invites her to a wellness retreat upstate. Together with Katie’s two best friends – one struggling with crippling debt and family obligations, one running away from a failed job and relationship – Katie will try to find the inner peace promised at the tranquil retreat. But finding oneself just might drudge up more memories than Katie is prepared to deal with.

Each woman has come to the retreat for different reasons. Each has her secrets to hide, and at the end of the weekend, nay one will live.

The last girl standing.

The Retreat, Sherri Smith

Thrillers are definitely one of my favourite genres, and Sherri Smith gives us not one, but four deeply layered and troubled women, all hiding secrets. The dynamic of Katie and her practically perfect future sister in law Ellie is fraught and dysfunctional, filled with dislike and distrust. Katie’s college friends Ariel and Carmen have an equally complicated relationship with Katie with varying degrees of emotional and financial dependancy. The vastly different lives and upbringings of each of these women create an intriguing mix of personalities.

Once they arrive at the retreat, we meet a fantastic array of characters. A couple who are camp regulars, a video game designer, a recent divorcée, a paramedic with PTSD, the famous Dr Dave, and his wife Naomi.

As the days progress, the therapy and activities intensify from picking vegetable to a ceremony with a special tea to help you find the real you. But that’s not the only thing that comes out in the climax of this tale.

The Retreat doesn’t just look at the consequences of your actions, but also dark pasts, old trauma, and repressed memories. Told by Katie, Ellie, Ariel, and Carmen, each secret that is revealed makes you want more, each new action leaves you hungry for the consequences, and most importantly you just want to know who is the last girl standing.

The Retreat is available to read right now, via Titan Books. Sherri Smith can be found here, on twitter, Facebook, and on instagram, where you can keep up with all the book news and events.

Invisible Blood

Invisible Blood is a collection of 17 never before seen crime stories compiled by Maxim Jakubowski.

All the Signs and Wonders – Denise Mina. Claire grew up hard. Now she has killed a man and she won’t say why.

The Washing – Christopher Fowler. Linda and her husband Miguel move to Spain, the washing tell the tale of her neighbours María.

Blood Lines – Stella Duffy. Pain, blood, and guilt.

Smile – Lee Child. Cameras in Heathrow airport watch as Jack Reacher works.

Fallen Woman – Mary Hoffman. A haunting by a woman in white.

Blood on the Galway Shore – Ken Bruen. Death, loss and revenge

#MeToo – Lauren Henderson. How long can you stand by and watching the casting couch claim victims? What would move you to help?

The Lifeguard – James Grady. The banker owns the town and everyone in it. But some people yearn for freedom.

The Ghost of Willamsburg – Jason Starr. Ghosting an internet date can have consequences.

Black Dog – Cathi Unsworth. Hellhounds and hauntings in hills.

Virginia Racer – Bill Beverly. How life changes after a bank robbery.

The Bell – Lave Tidhar. There’s nothing like a mother’s love.

Borrowed Time – R. J. Ellory. A promise to return to a Paris bookshop.

In The Belly of the Beast – Johana Gustawsson. A police interview is more than it seems.

In Advance of Death – A. K. Benedict. A writer receives a story of a life. Her life.

Yesterdays – John Harvey. The daughter of an old friend asks Charlie Resnick for help

Connecting the Dots – Jeffery Deaver. Evidence at the scene of the crime always leads to the killer. Doesn’t it?

Each story is a delicious bite sized mystery. Perfect for pool side lounging, or travelling around. I enjoyed them all. Like a buffet of crime I devoured Invisible Blood, and now have more favourites to looks out for!