Best day ever! A.K.A Pyjamarama

Today is Pyjamarama party and selfie day.

Food and books are two of my favourite things. So I love some fictional festivities.

If you could have any fictional food or drink what would it be? What fiction party would you crash?

Tiny Satan would buy everything off the trolley and have stay at Hogwarts for Xmas. Which is great considering I throw a Hogwarts feast for Halloween and make all the Honeydukes inspired treats.

Teen Beast loves a chilled out barbecue, he picks any meal at Camp Half Blood, but would prefer a quest homecoming.

It’s the Discworld for me. Hogwatch at Nanny Ogg’s with scrumble for all. I’ll give the dwarves for bread a miss, but join in The Hedgehog Song with gusto.

Throughout the evening we are going to enjoy some of the Pyjamarama games and if you tag your selfies with #tdbpyjamarama there will be a prize draw for a Percy Jackson inspired orange and black lap blanket and a sparkly white and lilac book sleeve made by me with bookish love and hardly any swearing.

Bedtime books and TBR

Tomorrow is the day! Its Pyjamarama Eve.

And it’s time to pick out your best bedtime books and comfy pyjamas in preparation.

Bedtime books that remain favourites at our house, no matter how old we get are:


There’s no such thing as a dragon

The very hungry caterpillar

The gruffalo

The large family

In true family fashion we all have a never ending tbr, remember my giant jar of stars?

Tiny Satan’s current tbr includes Malamander, The next great Paulie Fink, and Pippi Longstocking.

Teen beast is currently long and short listing his YALC reads.

Then you have me, chronic mood reader. Up next is We set the dark on fire, and We hunt the flame.

Today’s pages, what are you reading?

Halfway to Pyjamarama! And the books keep coming. Today is currently reading day. And I’d love to hear what you’re reading.

Tiny Satan’s current read is Abi Elphinstone’s new release Rumblestar. He is a huge Abi fan and went as Flint (Sky Song) for world book day.

Teen Beast is squeezing in Power of Five between work and A-level exams.

I’m embracing the Queer Lit Readathon and currently reading Juno Dawson’s The Gender Game.

Bedtime Stories

Today’s theme for my Pyjamarama warm up is comfort. What is your go to comfort read for bedtime? Is there a particular book or author that gives you the warm and fuzzies?

I’m a mood reader. My TBR plans are always loose and generally ignored even in readathons. My bedtime read is either my current read or an old favourite, last night was Heartstopper by Alice Oseman.

On the subject of comfort, what is your literary happy place? The series you always go back to?

Tiny Satan feels happy when we read The Large Family books. Each one is a quick, fun read, that always makes us laugh. Some nights we cuddle and read them all!

Teen Beast will be found at Camp Half Blood. He, like so many of us, takes comfort where the traits that are so often seen as weakness are actually strengths.

Me? It’s always the Discworld. It was my first love and it feels like home. Whether you’re a Rincewind or a Weatherwax, a Sam Vimes or a Captain Carrot, everyone is in there somewhere.

Do you have a favourite spot to read in? Although I will read any and everywhere, my favourite place is my reading room. When we moved last year there was a room, that I laid claim to, and it turned into my reading room (and craft cave).

The cuddle sofa is where we can snuggle, or nap, or escape to any world within pages.

It’s time! Yes

Today is day 1 of my week long Pyjamarama.

That means it’s Favourite pyjamas day!

Because I love pyjamas. I wish I was one of those Adults™ who had coordinated sleepwear and fancy silky button up ones, but instead I am an adult with the aesthetic of a sugar crazed toddler and access to Primark. Meaning my favourite pyjamas are these.

While we’re talking favourites, what’s your favourite childhood favourite bedtime read?

Tiny Satan’s was There’s no such thing as a Dragon. We read it every night for at least 2 years, sometimes 2 or 3 times, and he loves it still.

Teen Beast says it was The Bad Beginning. The book that began his bedtime saga of reading The Unfortunate Series of Events.

Mine was The Story of Ferdinand. I don’t remember many books from my childhood but I remember the red cover with white flowers and the black lines of Ferdinand the bull.

Tell me your favourites and join my week of books, blankets, and pjs.

DISCLAIMER: due to good weather blankets may be positioned outside.

Please check out Booktrust and the fundraising for Pyjamarama