A little bit of everything

Tomorrow it’s June – how? And that means the first day of Marvel-a-thon! I’m crazy excited as this is my first readathon for a while and I’m finding my way back to books after a long break.

After much internal debate I signed up. I joined team Shang Chi, led by the lovely Liv in Bookland, and although I don’t have a TBR planned, I think I’ve picked my first book.

And honestly I have missed my book babes, the excitement of new stories, and a good readathon to kick my butt to read with more focus.

I’m hoping that pushing myself to be more involved will prepare me a bit for YALC. I just had a weekend away and the tolerance I had built up pre-Covid has long dissipated as apparent by the severe meltdown I had upon returning home. As someone with ADHD, Autism, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain issues, I can tend to spiral. Books, the book community, and book events have been a huge part of my coping and distraction but my absence the past 2 years meant I disconnected with everyone and everything. I really want to reconnect with the people I love and make more friends. I guess say hi or drop me a message if you also want a weird bookish nerdy friend or if I lost you and you miss me too?

I’m also trying to work through some personal issues (I hate seeing my face and hearing my voice) and get booktok and booktube underway.