Back with a bang, it’s readathon time

This year has been a wild ride so far. But I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

So It’s readathon time and June had two tempting ones for me. Panemathon and Make your Mythtaker.

Panemathon is the District inspired Hunger Games readathon, volunteering as tribute to represent your district and reading a book for each district.

Make you Mythtaker is a 4 step path to create your character. One of 16 in 4 classes of myth based roles. I have chosen the Warrior path, specifically that of Viking.

With that in mind, I have planned a TBR that covers both and that, hopefully, I complete.

District 1 – Read A 5 Star Prediction. Seafire.

District 2 – Read A Book That Features A Weapon, Armor Or Shield On The Cover.The hunger games.

District 3 – Read A Sci-Fi Book. Divergent.

District 4 – Read A Book Set By The Sea, On The Sea Or Under The Sea. The mermaid.

District 5 – Read An E-Book, Audiobook OR Read A Book During The Night. The ballad of songbirds and snakes.

District 6 – Read A Book Set Outside Of Your Own Country Or World. Insurgent m.

District 7 – Read A Book Set In Nature Or Features Nature On The Cover.

Group Read (Worth DOUBLE Points!): Bone Crier’s Moon By Kathryn Purdie. Naturally this will be my pick.

District 8 – Read A Book Featuring More Than 3 Colours On The Cover. The Shadow between us.

District 9 – Read A Book That Begins With “G.” Good omens.

District 10 – Read A Book With An Animal As A Featured Character Or An Animal On The Cover. Mockingjay.

District 11 – Read A Book That Showcases A Strong Sense Of Friendship. One of us is next.

District 12 – Read A Book With The Word “Fire” In The Title Or Displayed On The Cover. Catching fire.

Viking path

The first prompt is to read a book set in a cold place. For this I have chosen The Mermaid.

Prompt 2 is a book with a weapon in the cover, for me this is The Hunger Games.

For the third challenge, a book featuring a journey I will read Catching Fire.

My finally step will be an Overhyped book. Or a book you have seen a lot of chat and excitement for. The book I have chosen is Seafire as it’s 1 I have seen a lot of love for.

O.W.L’s – Readathon

I love a readathon for motivating me through some of my tbr’s.

For April Book Roast over on Youtube is hosting a Harry Potter themed readathon O.W.L’s. It runs April 2nd to April 29th, with prompts for each of the 12 Hogwarts subjects. Of course you will be graded on your performance just like the students of Hogwarts.

Pass grades are: Outstanding (sit and pass 5 or more OWL’s), Exceeds expectations (sit and pass at least 3 OWL’s), and Acceptable (sit and pass 2 OWL’s).

Failing grades are: Poor (sit only 1 OWL), Dreadful (start but not complete an OWL), Troll (fail to turn up for OWL examination).

My plan is to try and get all of my OWL’s. Hermione would be proud! So here is my TBR:

  • Ancient Runes: Sabriel, Garth Nix
  • Arithmancy: Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo
  • Astronomy: Daughter of War, S.J.A Turney
  • Care of Magical Creatures: The Story Keeper, Anna Mazzola
  • Charms: Ash Princess, Laura Sebastian
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs
  • Divination: Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
  • Herbology: A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, Yaba Badoe
  • History of Magic: The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood
  • Muggle Studies: Naming Jack the Ripper
  • Potions: Strange the Dreamer, Laini Taylor
  • Transfiguration: City of Bones, Cassandra Clare

It’s an optimistic list, but you got to shoot for the moon.